Have a Me-Time



“I was glad my father was an eye-smiler. It meant he never gave me a fake smile because it’s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren’t feeling twinkly yourself. A mouth-smile is different. You can fake a mouth-smile any time you want, simply by moving your lips. I’ve also learned that a real mouth-smile always has an eye-smile to go with it. So watch out, I say, when someone smiles at you but his eyes stay the same. It’s sure to be a phony.”

― Roald Dahl, Danny the Champion of the World.

Hello Friends,

In today’s blog I’m going to discuss about self -love that often goes unnoticed in our daily hectic life. 4b1df7a1b137058a8eebbd427ca911b6We don’t give enough time to appreciate ourself, to stop by and smell those flowers, to see the gorgeous sunset , or look at the stars at night or to listen to the birds singing the spring song. We have limited ourselves in this mechanical world so much that we have forgotten to take care of our body and soul.  Life is not just about getting a secured job, having a family etc., its also about rediscovering the connection between your  soul with Nature.

So be gentle with yourself, you are the best that you can be.  And I’m here today to help you out, to tell you, how you can practice self – love on a daily routine. Its going to be a long one, so take a seat, sip some lemon-tea, place some saltines on a plate and make yourself comfortable. Self-love begins from the moment you wake up early morning. Here are some of the morning rituals for self-love.


Loving yourself will work only when you accept yourself in whatever way you are. You might be flawed, imperfect, weird but still you are magically beautiful in your own way. Nobody can be you and that’s your superpower. The above given morning routine will take hardly an hour from your morning schedule but it will give you a positive boost to love and appreciate yourself throughout the day.

The more you pamper yourself, the more you will fall in love with your body and soul.  After you take your morning shower, apply after bath oil to keep your skin soft and supple. 8a27276d775b7b0e32ad2673d33043d2 I prefer carrot seed oil which has healing, regenerative and anti-aging properties. I use Biotique Bio Carrot-Seed Anti-Aging After Bath Oil which works wonder on my skin. Also  an soothing eye gel to get rid of under eye lines and dark circle.  I use Biotique Bio Sea Weed Revitalizing Anti-fatigue Eye Gel which comes with a reasonable price. Also they are cruetly-free products.

I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking. Fill your home with positive energy charged by Rose Quartz Crystal. 9aab7e546a199f0815c862eeabed129a Keep it at your hall or a nook where your family is most active. It brings harmony & wellness to you and your family. It is believed by age old witches that if you wash your face with water charged with rose quartz it will fade away wrinkles. Do not keep this stone in sunlight as it color will fade which reduces its charge. Instead charge it at moonlight . Sounds fascinating right? You can also meditate holding your rose quartz to calm your mind and soul .

epsom-saltTo lift your free spirit take a detox bath with Epsom Salt, baking soda and essential oils. The minerals in it such as magnesium will help to reduce stress, anxiety, fatigueness, nervousness and also helps in relieving joint-pains.



Once done with the morning routine, You are ready to get out and conquer the world with a positive attitude. But even for the stars to shine, there should be some darkness. To stay happy throughout a monotonous day and not letting anxiety and depression take over you , you need to keep your mind straight and stable. Here are some tricks that will help you to stay happy all day.



Because The most imortant relationship in Life is with yourself. Learn to say NO , because you are not responsible for others happiness.

“It is not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary”.

  • Mandy Hale 


Adopting a hygge life can help you in being happy.  You can read my previous blog “Recipe of Spring Hygge”  to learn how a decluttered/minimalistic life can help you to stay content.

img_6245So  lets begin our day from this moment to love ourself as our most important mantra. Sharing our happiness with our friends in a cafe with a cup of coffee and cinnamom rolls. Because we are millenials, we can handle the storm with a light humour, a cup of coffee and our confidence.

Its time to take control of our life, build our self esteem and radiate positivity, as we have promised to love ourself and never give up because everyday is a blessing. Carry the love and kindness with you and share it with whoever you meet. Because Life is all about karma. You get what you give.


Sometimes Life may seem unrational and unfair to you. Detach yourself away from such negative things and stay close to people who makes you smile and happy.

Cherish each moment with them. Those endless nights when you stayed awake together  talking all your heart out or those cross – country hikings you and your best friends had. Those are moments which will make memories.  d7721b72299dca9ef03929fce6bb9512

” Life is kind of like a party, you invite a lot of people, some leaves early, some stays all night, some laugh with you, some laugh at you, and some show up late. But in the end, after the fun, there are a few who stay to help you clean up the mess. And most of the time, they aren’t even the ones who made the mess. These people are your real friends. They are the ones who matter most”.


But until we find such a friend, we have to be on our own with a kindred heart.  Your free spirit vibe will attract your tribe.


Till then promise me to keep loving yourself.

practical magic love



“The Recipe of Spring Hygge”

spring titlehygge

Hello Lovelies,

I am so happy to return to my blog after such a long hiatus and write down my thoughts here.  Recently I added a charming little book to my bookshelf , “The Little Book of Hygge”, by Miek Wiking. It was like rediscovering myself after reading it. I know that it always existed around me but never knew an appropriate word to define it. Its about creating an ambience around you to make you feel happy.22406518_2174472669245690_4345567847760335914_n

…and so is today’s blog.

This blog is all about loving yourself, to find happiness in the little things in life , to slow down yourself from the busy schedules and enjoy the cozy moments that Life has to offer 😊Its a lifestyle that will let you see the things around you in a totally different way and will make you feel warmer like a hug in your precious little corner.

So grab a cup of coffee ☕, wrap yourself with a warm blanket, lit on the fairy lights and candles🕯 to set up the mood for a brand new Hygge Life ♡



The word Hygge, pronounced as Hoo-gah originates from a popular Danish culture which is typically linked with the quintessential winter maybe because Denmark experiences a longer night than the rest of the world. It is a lifestyle that was adopted to create a cozy , holistic environment that would bring togetherness and warmness among their family and friends.



But though its already the end of February and the ice are thawing rapidly , we can still experience Hygge in this fresh new beginning of March and Spring.

Here are some easy tips to make your own hyggeligt atmosphere and to enjoy the simple pleasures in life this spring~

 1. Choose a minimalistic lifestyle

The Danes are indeed the happiest people on earth since they chose a less materialistic lifestyle. To experience hygge choose a minimalistic lifestyle and focus more on your relations with family and friends. The best things in life are free and happiness can be found even in the most inexpensive things in Life. Spend more time in doing things that will bring you close to your family and joy to your heart.

2. Have adventure outdoor

One of the best way to practice hygge this spring is to stay outdoor. Explore your place, Go for hiking or play with your siblings and pets in your yard. Spend time with those whose company you enjoy the most and are a great hygge partner.

If not hiking, you can opt for adventure in your orchards collecting berries or enjoying the first shower of Spring. There is no better hygge than being in the midst of Nature.

3. Bring the lights in

Hygge is incomplete without adding candles and lamps in the list of hyggelig things. The ambience created after liting a candle sends a positive impact to both emotional and psychological foundations. You can say it is a bit old-fashioned sort of tradition admiring the simple taste of life but its a beautiful one. You can also use fairy lights or lamps instead of candles , adding the same amount of magic into your cozy world.

Turn on some soothing hyggeligt music to match the perfect moment.

4. Have Fun with Summer Treats

Spring is the best time to enjoy making some delightful treats. Enjoy making jams, pickles, smoothies with the seasonal fruits and veggies. Brew tea with different spices and herbs , make colorful and fresh desserts, bake cakes or simply make some glasses of tangy lemonade and share them with your family and friends. Its like a little Spring Tea Party ♡

5. Freshen up your with spring flowers

Flowers adds a great touch for hygge in your home. Not only they makes your home looks pretty but also its brings a sense of positivity to your mind. You can grow Hydrangea, roses, daffodils etc in old teapots, vases, glasses to give a vintage touch.

6. Go to the beach

…As if we need more reasons to love visiting the beaches.

You can go down to the shores with your friends and have a good time at the bay fishing, or sun-bathing. You can even have a little breakfast at the beach watching the dancing sparkles of the blue sea and feeling the warmth of the sun.

7.  have Summer Picnic and outdoor dinners

A delightful outdoor Summer Picnic and dinner with your loved ones is a must have activity for a hyggeligt spring. Call up your friends, neighbors, relatives and get together to make a wonderful dinner for everyone. Share each other’s awesome recipes and enjoy the food with a little thank you prayer.


8. visit local flea markets, flower shops, libraries, grocery stores

Visiting local flower shops, grocery stores and flea markets can be a great way of finding happiness. You get meet all sorts of people, find what’s happening in your place, go for shopping at stores for great summer sales and discover some hidden spots in your town where you would like to visit again.

9. Spend your time more with nature

The hallmark of an enchanted secret garden is a curious garden shed where art mixes with produce, being productively intertwined, it weaves together. Have a great time reading a book in the garden sheds and watching the flowers  bloom in front of you in your enchanting little haven of flower.

Have fun watching the migratory birds visiting your handmade bird houses/bird feeders looking for grains.

Building a simple orchard mason bee house by drilling holes in it and giving it a shingle-roof overhang will not only give you a thrill to watch the bees hovering over it but it will also ensure pollination in your little zen garden which is very important. Secure the house to a sunny trellis pole, and the bees will come.

10. Just chill

And at the end of the day, all you need it a little peace of mind and a great movie to forget all the worries in life.


or simply find your little hobby to love it for lifetime .

That’s all.





Witch You A Happy Halloween


Good Evening Friends!

Its been drizzling here all day and the raindrops are pattering against the windows and dried leaves blowing everywhere. I had my jumper on to keep myself warm on this cozy day with a cup of hot coffee. It feels like winter has arrived already than their usual time.


The power cuts being going on and off the whole day but all I could do is enjoy this fresh season of Autumn and the new signs of upcoming winter.  I turned on my bright yellow and pink fairy lights to make up my mood for the fuzzy chilly day and made myself some hot noodles and a cup of coffee before started writing this blog.


Its been a delicious Autumn Dinner last Sunday Night. I ordered over the phone some delicious cheese pizza and a bottle of coke and played  Dinah Shore ‘s “Best Things in Life are Free”. Here is a short video from my youtube link from My Last Sunday Night “.

One can feel the good-old fall celebration in the Classic Dinah Shore’s Voice.  I love to listen Dinah Shore or Vera Lynn while I cook or write and sometimes even doing nothing.  Sometimes I imagine how life would have been during those days whenever I listen to them.


Last Month I visited  home for two weeks. There I spent the entire holiday making  ATC [Artists Trading Cards] with Gesso/Mixed Media to send it to my friends overseas. I usually love making journals but I am really enjoying this new technique of art. I collected some old hymn pages from my old rickety bookshelves that’s been locked for years and I got my hands on some cool craft items from the local dollarstore in my place. I never knew playing with gesso could be so much fun. I used homemade gesso by adding white glue, talcum powder and a little bit of water. I love soft colors and you can see pastel tints all over my artworks.

Here are some ATCs that I made for my friend Elsa and the wonderful lady Cheryl who keeps sending me amazing happymails time to time. I shall sent these ATCs along with some other craft and art items for Christmas .

I also went for Autumn based decor to rennovate my art table and been making some art journal lately…


Journals are memory keepers that will last forever…

I wish to leave them as finders keepers for my grandchildren which brings me to realize about tomorrow. Tomorrow is Halloween and Children as well as Halloween – Lover adults like us can’t keep calm about it. Its been my favourite Halloween tradition every year to watch all the cinematic Halloween – themed masterpieces on Halloween Night and eventually ending it with a rich and healthy fall meal. There are lots to movies that I can recommend for Halloween watch but my favourite of all is “Hocus-Pocus”. My Halloween isn’t complete without it.

hocus pocus-725cc2dd80761800701e40e5b267d9c893b0c743-s800-c85

The film opens in 1693 at the Salem, Mass., home of the Sanderson sisters, three witches who maintain their immortality by poisoning children and sucking out their souls — kind of like dementors in bad perms and heels. Midler is the leader of the trio, Winifred, who’s joined by a slapstick Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays — wait for it — Sarah, a slightly ditzier version of Sarah Jessica Parker.

In the middle of one ritual soul-sucking, the witches are interrupted by a local boy named Thackery (No, that’s not a typo, and until I actually sat through the credits in 2009, I thought all the actors had lisps that only surfaced for the word “Zachary.”). The sisters are hanged in the tradition of so many misunderstood Salem women in those days, but not before they cast a spell to ensure their eventual return.


Flash forward 300 years to Halloween 1993, and a brooding teen named Max who’s just moved to Salem from California. With his tie-dyed T-shirt and bedroom drum kit, Max is too cool for school, and far too jaded for all this stuff about the Sanderson sisters that everyone’s warning him about. Max lights the Sandersons’ legendary black flame candle in a misguided attempt to impress a crush, and the three witches bound back to life with just one night to claim a child’s soul.



Another favourite Halloween movie of mine is “The Craft” . The storyline starts with a newcomer who is a natural white witch but unfortunately falls in a trio teenage girl wannabes who are outcast and practice spells to fulfill their desires with black magic.


Apart from movies, there are also many wonderful books on my list of Halloween read. From Harry Potter to classic Tasha Tudor’s Pumpkin Moonshine, the list could go on and on. Here are my some of the books I recommend for Halloween Read:

  1. pumpkin-moonshine-hardcover-front.jpgTasha Tudor – Pumpkin Moonshine
  2. J.  K. Rowling – Harry Potter Series
  3.  Lev Grossman – The Magicians
  4.  David Mitchell – The Bone Clocks
  5. Neil Gaiman – The Ocean at the end of the lane
  6. James Patterson – Witch & Wizard
  7. Emily Croy Barker – The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic
  8. Erin Morgenstern – The Night Circus
  9. Magnus Flyte – City of Dark Magic
  10. Karen Russell – Vampires in the Lemon Grove

With these I wish you all a HAPPY HAUNTING HALLOWEEN. I hope you liked reading my blog. I would love to hear from you too so please don’t forget to tell your thoughts in the comment box. Till then Bye .

P.S. : Don’t forget to drop by in our DIY page to learn some cool and easy Halloween DIY projects





Before I start my blog, I would like to take a few minutes of yours to remember and send out prayers & love to all the victims and their families in the Manchester Tragedy.  What happened that night was unacceptable and unfortunate. Let not the fear overcome you. It’s time to stay strong and brave.



Here is a beautiful song dedicated by Miley Cyrus to Ariana Grande and the victims of Manchester Tragedy ~ MALIBU


“Life is about moving on with a strong but at the same time a kind heart”

Hello Friends,

Where you’ve been all? I miss you all and I got a load of girl-talks to share. Last weekend I went out shopping all around in the biggest flea market in my town ~ ” Fancy Bazaar”. From the prettiest flowers to a whole new collection of gorgeous shoes and chicest bags, you can figure out why the name ‘fancy’ was given to this place. I got blinded by the sight of this massive storehouse of wholesale items.

Recently I have been swapping mails with my friends from Germany & US. I went to a local dollarstore to buy some lovely craft items. I made a keepsake journal for my Pat Guidry. She’s got the nicest place on Earth which she calls “GIGI’S NEST”. She allows visitors to do scrapbooking in her place with the craft items she got.  She is a big fan of Mary Engelbreit and so am I. Do visit her place which is in Main St. Cankton, Louisiana.


Summer is at iPaper_Towns_(film)ts peak here, but that won’t stop me from enjoying this season in the coolest way. These days I hardly get any time to watch a good movie (old or new doesn’t matter. The movie just needs to have a good storyline). Last week though I found some time to get my hands on some good DVDs; one of them was John Green’s novel adapted movie “PAPER TOWNS“. My Goodness! Cara Delevingne is not only good at modeling but good at acting too. I think no one could play the role, Margo, better than her. And Nat Wolff, the amazingly talented singer-songwriter, and actor who was born to be a star,  swayed away my heart with his acting skills in the movie that I could not put into words. Let’s listen to this song ~ Great Summer by Vance Joy to give a depth to my raw emotions .

On my last blog I promised to you all to give some Super Simple Ideas to brighten up your home with inexpensive items. I’ll make it really quick. Here are the top ten Inexpensive Items that you can use to brighten and liven up your space:

1.  White Wash your place

Colors play a major role when it comes to brightening the room.  I suggest white washing the walls because it has the quality to reflect out all the spectral wavelengths, thus doubling up the brightness of your room. Color up the furniture in the room with chalk paints of pastel shades such as aqua blue, pistachio green or sky blue and baby pink. This will give a cool, vintage and beachy effect to your room which is ideal for summer. You can make chalk paints at home too:

a. Mix the 1tsp Plaster of Paris,  1 tsp baking soda, or unsanded grout and 2 tsp water together enough to remove all the lumps.

b. Pour the baking soda or unsanded grout mixture into the 1 cup latex paint. Stir until all of the mixture is dissolved and there are no lumps.

2. Glasses and Crockeries

Use the empty glass bottles or old wine glasses as centerpieces. You can either turn into flower vase or candle stands, depends on how your mood demands. If you have brightly colored old teacups and coffeecups that you don’t use anymore, hang them around your kitchen shelf or you can just display them on shelves. This will surely make you feel homely and will often make you visit the kitchen to have a short tea break several times a day. Even Vintage Storage tins can be a great display item.

3. Flower Pots and Succulents

They are inexpensive, easy to handle and naturally found. Only think you need to offer is little bit of love and care ofcourse water. Scientists says that women who live among plants live longer. So ladies go get your elixir of life as soon as possible.

4.  Fairy Lights, Paper Crafts and Photographs

Twinkle, twinkle fairy lights…how can you brighten up the room so fine? Well that rhyme was corny but fairy lights isn’t so. Add up some fairy lights to your home to give a magical touch. Clip up some memorable polaroid pictures into your workspace. Or you can even  hang angel paper cut-out chains over the window or over your looking mirror. This reminds me of some cool Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff movies of the past.

5. Brightly Colored Quills and Pillows

Who doesn’t love a beautiful fabric? It is a woman’s first choice when it comes to homekeeping. Add some stunning pillow covers , quilts and bedsheets which will give a perfect contrast against the white washed wall. You can also paint a low cost plain white pillow cover with fabric paints with cool designs on it.

6. Seashells and Classic Books

Are you an avid reader? If yes, then its a good news for you. You can use up your classic collection of novels as vintage items to decor your home. Make some flowers stand beside those book piles. Peonies, roses and books never go wrong. You can use up some seashells as paperweights sitting over your books.


7. Hobby Items

Love Photography? Crocheting? Quilting? Crafting? Illustrating? Whatever is your hobby, display your delightful workspace with the things you have made so far. Let everyone know how talented you are!


8. Buntings and tassels

These are the secret weapons to lift the mood in the house. You can make it with colorful papers or threads for a party and celebration mood or simply with soft colors to give a subtle touch to your room.


9. Mason Jars & Candles

I think everyone must have figured it out till now that I will ultimately be ending up using candles for home decor. But seriously, candles are the most versatile item you can use in any occasion, be it halloween, christmas , birthday party or a relaxing evening. You get them in so many forms that you can fit them anywhere like Mason Jars that you bought from thrift shops or old glasses, colored tin buckets or a vintage lamp with tea light candles in it.

10. Pets

Yes you heard it right, PETS. Please don’t get me wrong. By categorizing pets I didn’t mean to make them look like a commodity. In fact what I mean by it is that Pets are the best gifts that you can have to liven up your home and your life. All they need is your love and trust. If you never had any pets, have one. You will realize how life changing it is. Even if you do not have anything glamorous at your home, only a ridiculously smiling pet, who will wait the day for you to return from work, just to give you a hug, is the most precious thing you can treasure at your home. 

Best things in life are free.

I hope this simple tricks will help you for your summer room decor. Don’t forget to click the like button if you find my ideas useful. Also please comment, I would love to hear your suggestions and opinions. Till then have a super exciting summer.







P.S. : In my next blog I will post some all time favourite Summer Recipes. So stay in touch pink_smiley_face_conversation_heart_heart_sticker-r3d517b2c22a046ae81b94569516f8720_v9w0n_8byvr_324


My Mother’s Contentment


Well hello, Girly! watercolor-wash-backgrounds-preview3-o

It’s such a pleasure to meet you all again! Our Home has been flourished with beautiful seasonal flowers, vines and ornamental shrubs. Even our walls are dressed fabulously in Purple Garlic Vine.


All these are due to my Mom’s Magic hands. Gardening is her utmost contentment, or more precisely, it’s her first love.  So I thought of sharing the way to her heart with you all. Let me first play a MUSIC for you to make up the misty mood…! bdc21e5b2124c74ce7d92eaf825ab5c5


Chinese Lucky Bamboo

You can see a variety of shrubs and flowers in bloom, all potted in terracotta tubs in front of our porch. My Mom had the brilliant idea of decorating the stairs with duck shaped terracotta pots. It was brick colored when it was first brought home but later she colored it with white, silver and gold paints. Isn’t it gorgeous?! How can a mother of three be so multitasked apart of being a police officer? She is no less than a superwomen pink_smiley_face_conversation_heart_heart_sticker-r3d517b2c22a046ae81b94569516f8720_v9w0n_8byvr_324



Even Tommy loves to soak sunlight early morning near her pots. Maybe she finds it peaceful there…

Take a look at the different shrubs she planted


Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud


Orange Bracket Fungi


Clover Like Aquilegia weed



And some medicinal plants too like Aloe-Vera, Aquilegia etc.




But as a whole, I think it just looks Instagram worthy. I know you do it too. We all are guilty in that part, lol. insta_logo


I love how perfectly my Mother have been able to make our house A Home. It takes great effort to make one. Only she knows how painstaking it is. But the irony is, she makes it look effortless. That’s how an expert she is. She takes care of everything, from her tough job to maintaining regular household decorum.


Every morning, after her bath she worships in our temple as well as prays to Tulsi Devi (Holy Basil) with a small copper pot filled with clean water along with some incense sticks lighted, only for the safety and well-being of the family.


Experimenting the garden is another naive nature of my mother. Sometimes with different pots or sometimes with differently styled pot stands. Her imagination just keeps coming.


So that’s all for this blog. Thank You for visiting my blog and showing support.


I wish you all A Very Happy New Year. Keep Loving & Supporting me. You can also follow me on my facebook page Ricky’s ART & CRAFT Studio. See you till then. Bye. Take Care and Have an awesome year ahead. web_party_confetti


Lets Deck The Hall … !


Hello everyone,

How are you all doing? It’s going to be an amazing weekend for me though a busy one. I’m all ready to decorate my home with some whimsical Winter and Christmas Decor.


Are you ready too? The Mist has been rising here as days are approaching the New Year, which makes the early morning all the more gorgeous and pretty to look at. I love to take a walk on the streets along with my Labrador, Tommy at the early hours of dawn. Sometimes if it gets too cold, I simply make a hot cup of cocoa milk for myself and take a look at the breathtaking view from my home’s balcony.


It’s already time for Holidays and Christmas as well, I’ll be soon meeting up my parents. Maybe that’s why it is called “The most wonderful time of the year”. I’ve been preparing Christmas tags, cards, pocket-letters, and gifts for about a month ago to give it to my penpals, friends, and family. Meanwhile, I’ve been also planning on how to decorate my home for this special season. I always prefer the Vintage, Classic Style. It not only makes your home look pretty at the minimalistic but it is also pure chic, standard and neat.

Back in my Childhood days, what Christmas meant for us was to visit our small town’s old school’s Chapel early morning and sing carols there with our friends. We were welcomed at the church’s door with a person dressed as Santa Claus who used to bring with him a humungous bag loaded with gifts. He used to present every child with a Christmas gift on that day. Our School seemed to get brightly adorned everywhere with gorgeous Christmas decors and embellishments and a huge Christmas Tree would stand in the middle of the School’s Hall. I and my friends used to get excited from months ago discussing what carols would we sing or what would be our plans after the School’s Christmas celebration program is over. Those were the magical days and I had really good memories back from those precious days.


Every Christmas Night, I hang around with my sisters or friends to visit the nearby churches to see the Christmas statues, Trees, and Decors. We usually carry candles with us to lit them in the altar along with a packet of sweets to offer them to our friends and kids.  When we reach home, we have a big feast with our family, neighbors and friends with cakes, homemade banana wine(non-alcoholic), lavish biryanis and chicken wings, fancy cream drizzled caesar salads, desserts, and many other Indian delicacies.


And at last, we end up the special occasion by watching some of our favorite Christmas Movies. It would be a Movie Marathon. My all time favorite  Christmas movies are Home Alone (Part I and II), Jingle All the Way, Dennis the Menace, Harry Potter Series. I would love to hear what’s your favorite Christmas movie.

Christmas is the most fabulous celebration of all but preparing up for it at the very last moment can be very tiresome especially when you are a busy person like me. I personally love the idea of decorating up the house early for Christmas. It lets you stay stress-free and it also gives you enough time to make your guest list or think about what you want to prepare for Christmas dinner. Once the decor is done, you may call up your cousins and relatives early, so that they can stay up with you till Christmas and also provide you a helping hand in planning the guestlist or Christmas dinner or some sight – seeing together. Christmas is meant to meet up with your near and dear ones after all. Its the most important aspect of this celebration, to forgive and love. Your home will treasure all the priceless memories from such celebrations ~ laughter and happiness that you have shared with your family tiny-heart


So in order to make this Christmas even more memorable for you, I’ve listed some decor ideas that are easy to make with easy to get items but also it guarantees to make your home equally whimsical as those expensive Christmas decor items available in the market.

1. Start up your decoration with the windows and window sill

It is important to make sure that you have cleaned up your house well before you start your decoration routine. I usually start by first cleaning up the whole house and removing all the stuff that all related to autumn or any other season except winter. Then I start my decoration routine from the windows with paper crafted Snowflakes or little houses, stars or bells along with dew drop and fairy lights hung over the windows to give your home look warm and whimsical. You may find paper templates printable in my FREE DOWNLOAD section for this decor.

2. Style up your Dinner Table

The Dining Table Decor should not be neglected as it the main place in your home where every member will sit down together, eat up, laugh and be merry. Liven it up using mistletoe, pinecones, acorns, candles, small pieces of logs to give a more vintage and rustic look. You may use silver spray paint to color the pinecones, acorns etc for a white Christmas decor with some salt sprinkled over it to give a snow effect. Make sure, you spray paint outdoor because it doesn’t smell good and it can be toxic for kids and pets too.

3. Brighten Up your fireplace

For the fireplace and its shelf, you may hang a chain of pom-poms or paper cut-outs of snowflakes, angels or reindeer. Or you can go for mason jar candles or snowglobes which you can make at home itself. The classic hanging stockings decor is my favorite, though. You may go to my DIY CORNER to see how it’s made. The choice to decor your home is endless. Just give a flick to your imagination wand. game-cosmic-love-fairy-wand


4. Getting ready with the Christmas tree

This is the most important and crucial part of Christmas Decoration. A beautifully decorated Christmas Tree alone can brighten up a dull lobby. You may use some homemade ornaments (See my DIY CORNER section). Use a variety of different ornaments, different colored light bulbs to make your tree look full. The height of the tree doesn’t really matter. Make sure someone helps you in putting up the tree as well as bringing down the tree once Christmas is over. Let your kids, cousins or siblings get involve in decorating it up. It’s a beautiful way to bond up with your family members. Kids got the amazing way to imagine everything and think out of the box, so they should always be welcomed in such home activities.

5. Wrapping Up those Gift

Wrap Up your gift packs with beautiful Christmas themed wrapping papers. You may buy some from Spoonflower. Tie a Tag on it or you can also insert mistletoe, pine leaves or pinecones to give a rustic. You can also use winter themed rubber stamps to draw over the wrapping paper or you may use paper punch, punch it over glitter papers and make a string out of it and tie it over your gift wrap. If you think the wrapping papers come too expensive, no problem! ~ you can hand paint over the wrapping paper with some creative winter illustrations of snowflakes, penguins, snowman, Santa etc. Just try it and I guarantee you’ll love it

So that’s all I want to share this time. Hope you all have a great weekend and a fabulous Christmas. See you all next year. Till then Happy Holidays




The Most Wonderful Season of the Year.


Hello Lovelies

How are you all doing? It’s been a while since I haven’t written anything on my blog. thanksgivingDid you miss me?  I never imagined that blogging would bring me so much love and happiness. It has opened a new chapter in my life where I can share my stories with some amazing readers and learning new thing from them too.

bdc21e5b2124c74ce7d92eaf825ab5c5Winter has arrived finally in the Tropic of Cancer and Hey, it’s Thanksgiving Day! Hurray… web_party_confettiI wish to all my American friends out there a very Happy Thanksgiving Day and also sending blessings to you and Your Family.

I am thankful to all of my wonderful readers for showing love and support to my work.

Your love and affection gives me the strength to continue my work and make me believe that I must have done something right to deserve all your love.

In India we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving Day but there is a bunch of festivals that are celebrated in different parts of India at this time of the year. I belong from the North-Eastern part of India, precisely speaking ~ from the State Manipur of India. If you ever visit it in this time October-November, there is a very good chance for you to attend some of the most colorful festivals of Manipur. One of them is the ‘Sangai Festival‘.


This festival is organized every year, around 21st – 30th of November by the Manipur Tourism Department; to celebrate, promote and showcase the culture and tradition of Manipur to the world. That includes traditional dances, art, hand-loom, indigenous sports, traditional cuisines, music as well as the scenic natural beauty of Manipur. To know more about it Click to this link    Sangai Festival 

This is me attending last Year’s Sangai Festival . I thoroughly enjoyed it with my sister

sangai fest.jpg

Here are some pictures of the scenic beauty of Manipur.


There are also many other auspicious festivals that are celebrated in the autumn-winter season in Manipur. One of them is Ningol Chakaoba and the other is Lai – Haraoba These are some of the most festive events which is similar to Thanksgiving Day in some ways since it includes massive feasts and gathering of the family members to celebrate family bonding as well as harvest on the onset of winter.

In Manipuri, ‘Ningol‘ means daughter and ‘Chakouba‘ means invitation for a lunch in the mother’s house. ‘Ningol Chakouba‘ is a special day for the married daughters in Manipur, and ningol’s kids are the happiest one at the idea of wearing new cloths and meeting bobok(grand-ma), pupu (grand-pa), mamma(uncle) and others. On this special day, a grand feast of ‘iinjang mathen-mathen‘ (various cuisines) is prepared in the honor of the daughter at her ‘mapam‘ (mother’s house). The invitation is formally done generally a week ahead by the brothers to pay a visit for the lunch. The feast consists of the traditional manipuri cuisines – Eromba ( Vegetables boiled or steamed with a lot of red chillies or umorok (king chilli) with ngari (fermented fish), smoked or roasted fish and mashed together), ‘Rohu fish curry‘, ‘Singju‘ ( a salad which may be prepared with finely chopped banana stem, laphu tharo (banana flower), cabbage, lotus stem, komprek (a kind of scented herb), kollamni (another herb), tree beans, coriander leaves, sinju pan, ginger, heibi mana and lots of seasonal vegetables mixed with ngari) and the list goes on and on. And for dessert we have Chahao Kheera popular sweet pudding of manipur made out of sweetened milk and Chahao (Black-rice). Have a look into these cuisine:


Laphu-Eromba (Banana Stem Eromba)


Thambou-Singju (Lotus Stem Singju)


Rohu Fish Curry


Chakhao/Chahao – Kheer  (Black Rice Pudding)

You may go to this facebook page to know more about the delightful dishes of Manipur Mathel – the culinary delights of Manipur  Or you can even join the facebook group Chakhum to know more.

The next festival that is celebrated during the harvesting season of the year in manipur is Lai-Haraoba. Lai Haraoba is a Manipuri festival, and is associated with Meiteis, celebrated to please traditional deities.Celebrated in honour of the sylvan deities known as Umang Lai,the festival represents the worship of traditional deities and ancestors. The festival is in part a recollection of the creation stories played the deities with the first origin of this universe and evolution of the plants and animals through the will of Atiya Shidaba. Translated, Lai Haraoba means “merry making of the Gods. First, the lai bung or haraobung (festival ground) is properly arranged. The king, the knights, the warrior chiefs, the ladies, the village elders and the youths and the girls are given their respective seats properly. The audience thus sit around the festival ground on the three sides of the laibung opposite the yathokshang (temporary temple of the deity for the festival). The festival continues from one day to even thirty days. But, in most cases ten to fifteen days are commonly held.The time of celebration varies from villages to villages in different parts of Manipur. In my place it is celebrated in the harvesting season of the year. The jagoi ( dances) are performed by maiba and maibis (priest and priestesses) in a way to please the deity.

This is the laibung from my village.


The Maibis and elders dancing together for the deity..



and the kids are just having fun


So this is all about the festivals in my place. I would love to hear from you too ~ about your place or the festivals that you celebrate. Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish you a good year and a healthy, safe life ahead.  Take Care.


“Autumn Love”


Hello Lovelies watercolor-wash-backgrounds-preview3-o

Good Morning. Did you say Hello to Autumn? I wait for the arrival of this season like my whole year round to do some fun activities like ~ Collecting Colourful Dry Leaves, Hiking, Picking Apples from my garden etc. and I am sure you do it too




Because the Air in Autumn carries with her the coziness and the enchantment that every living yearns for .


The rustic fragrance of precious pinecones and pretty acorns in the woods and the sweet smell of the apples and pumpkins ripening makes you feel autumn all around you. ebfacfab126827be711398ecc1deb541



There are many reasons why I love Autumn so much ~ It makes you feel like home no matter where you are, you want to be with your family at this time of the year, to play with your petdog into the woods and yards, go for hiking and bicycle picnic with your friends and siblings, collecting dry leaves and hang a garland of it around the window sill and decorating your home with all the seasonal vignettes pine_cone_png13347

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset



And did I mention the wonderful, fresh and delicious dishes that we are able to cook and enjoy eating with the variety of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and corns that are available only in this Harvesting Season of the Year?  Pumpkin Tart, Apple – Cherry Pie, Mushroom Corn Stuffed Cheese Sandwich, Vanilla Chocolate Ice-cream, Fresh green Herb ~ The Autumn Menu is just an exotic endless menu Pumpkin2.png





Autumn brings us a bundle of Joy because it is packed with holidays ! From Thanksgiving Day, Veterans’ Day to different Festivals Celebrated all around the world. But I one Night I wait & enjoy the most is Halloween mac-o-lantern-1


It is the only night when the grown ups become kids with their funniest, hideous and scariest outfit on and enjoy the night to the fullest. There is so much to enjoy this October Month. I am so excited. Are you too? Please write and share with me in the comment box what are your favourite Halloween & Autumn activities are. Till then see you soon

Thanking You for dropping by…

Happy Halloween mac-o-lantern-1

with love.png