all about Me and my studio ~



Questions often asked to me.

  1. Hi girly! Do you have a nickname?Yes I do have many ~ Nanao, Pixy, Mandark
  2. Where are you from?North-East India
  3. Why did you start crafting? After I completed my graduation and was staying idly at home, I realized my super-power – Crafting, Designing and Watercoloring. Crafting is just therapeutic to me. Its the alternate to meditation !
  4. How long have you been crafting? Like for 6-7 years
  5. What is your go to craft? I usually go for bookmarks, pocket-letters and self-designed postcards because its easy to send to my penpals through snailmails without tossing the envelope haphazardly with all cute junk items and without tearing it up.
  6. Tools are essential, what do you gravitate toward while creating? I love paper punches because it saves lots of times and energy. I also love collecting lots of lovely stationary papers, washi tapes, different colored pens and stickers. It helps to ease up creating my pocket-letters without too much hardwork at a short span of time. All the more, the different colors and patterns helps me to be more creative and play with them.
  7. Creative spaces have always interested me, what is your craft space like? My creative space is a large airy, cozy room where the sunshine lightens up the room at the very early morning. You can find all the necessary items to give a start with crafting. It also consists of a bamboo book rack where I keep all my favourite books and a creative desk where i do all my creations. And at night you can see my room all getting enlightened with fairy lights and mason-jar lamps.
  8. Do you have a crafting routine? (for example, drinks, music, youtube, movies, food, time, etc.) Yes I do love crafting in leisure or during my weekends. Usually I listen to K-Pop songs especially BTS (Bangtan Boys ) songs while doing crafting. I also make sure that there is a cool drink like lemonade or cola to take a sip in between my crafting hours. Once my crafting is done, I thoroughly clean my room as a healthy ritual.
  9. Where do you usually buy your supplies? (if you say online or etsy, where?) I go to my local dollarstore called ‘Stationary World’ which is about three miles away from my home. During my working days I take a cab to reach there but if it is a holiday I opt to walk down the lane to the dollarstore enjoying the day roaming around my beautiful town on the way.
  10. On the topic of shopping, do you have any money saving tips? I believe there are many items that you can find at your home itself to make craft rather than buying them in stores. All you need is a bit of color, glitter, washi-tapes and imagination to make anything dull look gorgeous. Just spark up your creative mind!
  11. Is there a particular style or theme you would like to become popular in the industry? I want to establish my own brand of self-designed washi-tapes and stationary papers. I hope someday I will make this dream come true. For the meantime I am designing for spoonflower. You may pay visit to my shop here http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/maibam_ricky_devi?sub_action=designs
  12. By the way, do you have a favorite style or medium to work with? (Medium-materials that are used to create art) If talked about creating digital art I usually go for using softwares like Photoshop and GIMP. And for crafting I use various type of papers – like handmade, crepe, card-papers, sponge-papers etc.
  13. Is there a technique, tool, style you would like to try? I would love to try making flipbooks and creating stickers with Prismacolor colored pencils. I am really fascinated with the idea of hobonichi diaries and drawings of BONBON stickers at Pinkoi.
  14. I feel like there is a never ending list of projects I want to make, what projects are on your list? Right now I am working to know more about video-editing and water-coloring.
  15. What do you usually create the most of? Pocket-Letters, Postcards and Bookmarks
  16. What do you do to inspire your creativity when your creativity feels blocked? I watch youtube videos of little Hot Tamale, Sara Beauty Corner, Janette Lane, rainbowholicTV, LaurDIY, Maybaby, Housetohome, PinsandThings, Pear Fleur. They give me such a wonderful boost for creating something speacial. Apart from that I also watch Karlie Klose youtube channel ‘Klossy’. That girl is amazing – I mean how many supermodels have you seen doing higher technical education. As a STEM student myself, watching her videos inspire me a lot (to do something new and creative without concerning what others would think) when I needed most!
  17. Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer? Why? I am more of a gatherer because it helps me to be more creative and innovative ~
  18. You’re a new addition to a crayon box, what color would you be and why? (the mega box with crazy names, color shade and name) I would choose pink because it makes anything look lovely
  19. Which super power would you like to have? Why? I wish I had the superpower to fly. Because If I have that I would fly anywhere in the world and meet some amazing crafty people….okay any amazing person..lol ^_^
  20. Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours? I am a stationary addict. I can’t resist buying pretty stationary things even if I already have them. I hope someday I will own a Muji Mall
  21. Do you have any special talents? I dont consider it as a talent but I love writing blogs about my daily life, and I am highly interested in gardening and water-coloring. Also I can edit any photo according to one’s random choice..Haha!!

Thanks for your love and support…