Before I start my blog, I would like to take a few minutes of yours to remember and send out prayers & love to all the victims and their families in the Manchester Tragedy.  What happened that night was unacceptable and unfortunate. Let not the fear overcome you. It’s time to stay strong and brave.



Here is a beautiful song dedicated by Miley Cyrus to Ariana Grande and the victims of Manchester Tragedy ~ MALIBU


“Life is about moving on with a strong but at the same time a kind heart”

Hello Friends,

Where you’ve been all? I miss you all and I got a load of girl-talks to share. Last weekend I went out shopping all around in the biggest flea market in my town ~ ” Fancy Bazaar”. From the prettiest flowers to a whole new collection of gorgeous shoes and chicest bags, you can figure out why the name ‘fancy’ was given to this place. I got blinded by the sight of this massive storehouse of wholesale items.

Recently I have been swapping mails with my friends from Germany & US. I went to a local dollarstore to buy some lovely craft items. I made a keepsake journal for my Pat Guidry. She’s got the nicest place on Earth which she calls “GIGI’S NEST”. She allows visitors to do scrapbooking in her place with the craft items she got.  She is a big fan of Mary Engelbreit and so am I. Do visit her place which is in Main St. Cankton, Louisiana.


Summer is at iPaper_Towns_(film)ts peak here, but that won’t stop me from enjoying this season in the coolest way. These days I hardly get any time to watch a good movie (old or new doesn’t matter. The movie just needs to have a good storyline). Last week though I found some time to get my hands on some good DVDs; one of them was John Green’s novel adapted movie “PAPER TOWNS“. My Goodness! Cara Delevingne is not only good at modeling but good at acting too. I think no one could play the role, Margo, better than her. And Nat Wolff, the amazingly talented singer-songwriter, and actor who was born to be a star,  swayed away my heart with his acting skills in the movie that I could not put into words. Let’s listen to this song ~ Great Summer by Vance Joy to give a depth to my raw emotions .

On my last blog I promised to you all to give some Super Simple Ideas to brighten up your home with inexpensive items. I’ll make it really quick. Here are the top ten Inexpensive Items that you can use to brighten and liven up your space:

1.  White Wash your place

Colors play a major role when it comes to brightening the room.  I suggest white washing the walls because it has the quality to reflect out all the spectral wavelengths, thus doubling up the brightness of your room. Color up the furniture in the room with chalk paints of pastel shades such as aqua blue, pistachio green or sky blue and baby pink. This will give a cool, vintage and beachy effect to your room which is ideal for summer. You can make chalk paints at home too:

a. Mix the 1tsp Plaster of Paris,  1 tsp baking soda, or unsanded grout and 2 tsp water together enough to remove all the lumps.

b. Pour the baking soda or unsanded grout mixture into the 1 cup latex paint. Stir until all of the mixture is dissolved and there are no lumps.

2. Glasses and Crockeries

Use the empty glass bottles or old wine glasses as centerpieces. You can either turn into flower vase or candle stands, depends on how your mood demands. If you have brightly colored old teacups and coffeecups that you don’t use anymore, hang them around your kitchen shelf or you can just display them on shelves. This will surely make you feel homely and will often make you visit the kitchen to have a short tea break several times a day. Even Vintage Storage tins can be a great display item.

3. Flower Pots and Succulents

They are inexpensive, easy to handle and naturally found. Only think you need to offer is little bit of love and care ofcourse water. Scientists says that women who live among plants live longer. So ladies go get your elixir of life as soon as possible.

4.  Fairy Lights, Paper Crafts and Photographs

Twinkle, twinkle fairy lights…how can you brighten up the room so fine? Well that rhyme was corny but fairy lights isn’t so. Add up some fairy lights to your home to give a magical touch. Clip up some memorable polaroid pictures into your workspace. Or you can even  hang angel paper cut-out chains over the window or over your looking mirror. This reminds me of some cool Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff movies of the past.

5. Brightly Colored Quills and Pillows

Who doesn’t love a beautiful fabric? It is a woman’s first choice when it comes to homekeeping. Add some stunning pillow covers , quilts and bedsheets which will give a perfect contrast against the white washed wall. You can also paint a low cost plain white pillow cover with fabric paints with cool designs on it.

6. Seashells and Classic Books

Are you an avid reader? If yes, then its a good news for you. You can use up your classic collection of novels as vintage items to decor your home. Make some flowers stand beside those book piles. Peonies, roses and books never go wrong. You can use up some seashells as paperweights sitting over your books.


7. Hobby Items

Love Photography? Crocheting? Quilting? Crafting? Illustrating? Whatever is your hobby, display your delightful workspace with the things you have made so far. Let everyone know how talented you are!


8. Buntings and tassels

These are the secret weapons to lift the mood in the house. You can make it with colorful papers or threads for a party and celebration mood or simply with soft colors to give a subtle touch to your room.

9. Mason Jars & Candles

I think everyone must have figured it out till now that I will ultimately be ending up using candles for home decor. But seriously, candles are the most versatile item you can use in any occasion, be it halloween, christmas , birthday party or a relaxing evening. You get them in so many forms that you can fit them anywhere like Mason Jars that you bought from thrift shops or old glasses, colored tin buckets or a vintage lamp with tea light candles in it.

10. Pets

Yes you heard it right, PETS. Please don’t get me wrong. By categorizing pets I didn’t mean to make them look like a commodity. In fact what I mean by it is that Pets are the best gifts that you can have to liven up your home and your life. All they need is your love and trust. If you never had any pets, have one. You will realize how life changing it is. Even if you do not have anything glamorous at your home, only a ridiculously smiling pet, who will wait the day for you to return from work, just to give you a hug, is the most precious thing you can treasure at your home. 

Best things in life are free.

I hope this simple tricks will help you for your summer room decor. Don’t forget to click the like button if you find my ideas useful. Also please comment, I would love to hear your suggestions and opinions. Till then have a super exciting summer.







P.S. : In my next blog I will post some all time favourite Summer Recipes. So stay in touch pink_smiley_face_conversation_heart_heart_sticker-r3d517b2c22a046ae81b94569516f8720_v9w0n_8byvr_324



4 thoughts on “SOUL OF THE SUMMER

  1. Dawn says:

    It’s always so nice to hear about the things that you have been doing, Ricky! I enjoyed reading your ideas for Summer inspiration, too. I love to fill stoneware crocks, pitchers, and vintage Mason jars with fresh cut flowers from the garden. We have several colorful buntings hanging in our home. They help make every day feel like a little celebration! Wishing you happy, creative Summer days, Ricky! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Julie says:

    Hey girl! Just discovered your blog! Nice ideas here!!!!! This is xmasgirl 43/ Julie Instagram and FB. I also have a blog, but haven’t done anything with it for years. I love succulents! I will add you to my blogroll.

    Liked by 1 person

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