My Mother’s Contentment


Well hello, Girly! watercolor-wash-backgrounds-preview3-o

It’s such a pleasure to meet you all again! Our Home has been flourished with beautiful seasonal flowers, vines and ornamental shrubs. Even our walls are dressed fabulously in Purple Garlic Vine.


All these are due to my Mom’s Magic hands. Gardening is her utmost contentment, or more precisely, it’s her first love.  So I thought of sharing the way to her heart with you all. Let me first play a MUSIC for you to make up the misty mood…! bdc21e5b2124c74ce7d92eaf825ab5c5


Chinese Lucky Bamboo

You can see a variety of shrubs and flowers in bloom, all potted in terracotta tubs in front of our porch. My Mom had the brilliant idea of decorating the stairs with duck shaped terracotta pots. It was brick colored when it was first brought home but later she colored it with white, silver and gold paints. Isn’t it gorgeous?! How can a mother of three be so multitasked apart of being a police officer? She is no less than a superwomen pink_smiley_face_conversation_heart_heart_sticker-r3d517b2c22a046ae81b94569516f8720_v9w0n_8byvr_324



Even Tommy loves to soak sunlight early morning near her pots. Maybe she finds it peaceful there…

Take a look at the different shrubs she planted


Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud


Orange Bracket Fungi


Clover Like Aquilegia weed



And some medicinal plants too like Aloe-Vera, Aquilegia etc.




But as a whole, I think it just looks Instagram worthy. I know you do it too. We all are guilty in that part, lol. insta_logo


I love how perfectly my Mother have been able to make our house A Home. It takes great effort to make one. Only she knows how painstaking it is. But the irony is, she makes it look effortless. That’s how an expert she is. She takes care of everything, from her tough job to maintaining regular household decorum.


Every morning, after her bath she worships in our temple as well as prays to Tulsi Devi (Holy Basil) with a small copper pot filled with clean water along with some incense sticks lighted, only for the safety and well-being of the family.


Experimenting the garden is another naive nature of my mother. Sometimes with different pots or sometimes with differently styled pot stands. Her imagination just keeps coming.


So that’s all for this blog. Thank You for visiting my blog and showing support.


I wish you all A Very Happy New Year. Keep Loving & Supporting me. You can also follow me on my facebook page Ricky’s ART & CRAFT Studio. See you till then. Bye. Take Care and Have an awesome year ahead. web_party_confetti



Lets Deck The Hall … !


Hello everyone,

How are you all doing? It’s going to be an amazing weekend for me though a busy one. I’m all ready to decorate my home with some whimsical Winter and Christmas Decor.


Are you ready too? The Mist has been rising here as days are approaching the New Year, which makes the early morning all the more gorgeous and pretty to look at. I love to take a walk on the streets along with my Labrador, Tommy at the early hours of dawn. Sometimes if it gets too cold, I simply make a hot cup of cocoa milk for myself and take a look at the breathtaking view from my home’s balcony.


It’s already time for Holidays and Christmas as well, I’ll be soon meeting up my parents. Maybe that’s why it is called “The most wonderful time of the year”. I’ve been preparing Christmas tags, cards, pocket-letters, and gifts for about a month ago to give it to my penpals, friends, and family. Meanwhile, I’ve been also planning on how to decorate my home for this special season. I always prefer the Vintage, Classic Style. It not only makes your home look pretty at the minimalistic but it is also pure chic, standard and neat.

Back in my Childhood days, what Christmas meant for us was to visit our small town’s old school’s Chapel early morning and sing carols there with our friends. We were welcomed at the church’s door with a person dressed as Santa Claus who used to bring with him a humungous bag loaded with gifts. He used to present every child with a Christmas gift on that day. Our School seemed to get brightly adorned everywhere with gorgeous Christmas decors and embellishments and a huge Christmas Tree would stand in the middle of the School’s Hall. I and my friends used to get excited from months ago discussing what carols would we sing or what would be our plans after the School’s Christmas celebration program is over. Those were the magical days and I had really good memories back from those precious days.


Every Christmas Night, I hang around with my sisters or friends to visit the nearby churches to see the Christmas statues, Trees, and Decors. We usually carry candles with us to lit them in the altar along with a packet of sweets to offer them to our friends and kids.  When we reach home, we have a big feast with our family, neighbors and friends with cakes, homemade banana wine(non-alcoholic), lavish biryanis and chicken wings, fancy cream drizzled caesar salads, desserts, and many other Indian delicacies.


And at last, we end up the special occasion by watching some of our favorite Christmas Movies. It would be a Movie Marathon. My all time favorite  Christmas movies are Home Alone (Part I and II), Jingle All the Way, Dennis the Menace, Harry Potter Series. I would love to hear what’s your favorite Christmas movie.

Christmas is the most fabulous celebration of all but preparing up for it at the very last moment can be very tiresome especially when you are a busy person like me. I personally love the idea of decorating up the house early for Christmas. It lets you stay stress-free and it also gives you enough time to make your guest list or think about what you want to prepare for Christmas dinner. Once the decor is done, you may call up your cousins and relatives early, so that they can stay up with you till Christmas and also provide you a helping hand in planning the guestlist or Christmas dinner or some sight – seeing together. Christmas is meant to meet up with your near and dear ones after all. Its the most important aspect of this celebration, to forgive and love. Your home will treasure all the priceless memories from such celebrations ~ laughter and happiness that you have shared with your family tiny-heart


So in order to make this Christmas even more memorable for you, I’ve listed some decor ideas that are easy to make with easy to get items but also it guarantees to make your home equally whimsical as those expensive Christmas decor items available in the market.

1. Start up your decoration with the windows and window sill

It is important to make sure that you have cleaned up your house well before you start your decoration routine. I usually start by first cleaning up the whole house and removing all the stuff that all related to autumn or any other season except winter. Then I start my decoration routine from the windows with paper crafted Snowflakes or little houses, stars or bells along with dew drop and fairy lights hung over the windows to give your home look warm and whimsical. You may find paper templates printable in my FREE DOWNLOAD section for this decor.

2. Style up your Dinner Table

The Dining Table Decor should not be neglected as it the main place in your home where every member will sit down together, eat up, laugh and be merry. Liven it up using mistletoe, pinecones, acorns, candles, small pieces of logs to give a more vintage and rustic look. You may use silver spray paint to color the pinecones, acorns etc for a white Christmas decor with some salt sprinkled over it to give a snow effect. Make sure, you spray paint outdoor because it doesn’t smell good and it can be toxic for kids and pets too.

3. Brighten Up your fireplace

For the fireplace and its shelf, you may hang a chain of pom-poms or paper cut-outs of snowflakes, angels or reindeer. Or you can go for mason jar candles or snowglobes which you can make at home itself. The classic hanging stockings decor is my favorite, though. You may go to my DIY CORNER to see how it’s made. The choice to decor your home is endless. Just give a flick to your imagination wand. game-cosmic-love-fairy-wand


4. Getting ready with the Christmas tree

This is the most important and crucial part of Christmas Decoration. A beautifully decorated Christmas Tree alone can brighten up a dull lobby. You may use some homemade ornaments (See my DIY CORNER section). Use a variety of different ornaments, different colored light bulbs to make your tree look full. The height of the tree doesn’t really matter. Make sure someone helps you in putting up the tree as well as bringing down the tree once Christmas is over. Let your kids, cousins or siblings get involve in decorating it up. It’s a beautiful way to bond up with your family members. Kids got the amazing way to imagine everything and think out of the box, so they should always be welcomed in such home activities.

5. Wrapping Up those Gift

Wrap Up your gift packs with beautiful Christmas themed wrapping papers. You may buy some from Spoonflower. Tie a Tag on it or you can also insert mistletoe, pine leaves or pinecones to give a rustic. You can also use winter themed rubber stamps to draw over the wrapping paper or you may use paper punch, punch it over glitter papers and make a string out of it and tie it over your gift wrap. If you think the wrapping papers come too expensive, no problem! ~ you can hand paint over the wrapping paper with some creative winter illustrations of snowflakes, penguins, snowman, Santa etc. Just try it and I guarantee you’ll love it

So that’s all I want to share this time. Hope you all have a great weekend and a fabulous Christmas. See you all next year. Till then Happy Holidays