Welcome to my ART & CRAFT STUDIO


Hello Friends!

This is my first blog article and I’m  quite excited to share a peek  into my art studio with you all. My Studio is a bright big room with huge airy windows which makes my studio so breezy and calm. If you visit my studio in early morning you’ll be lucky enough to see sparrows sitting and chirping with joy  on my studio’s window – sill.


These are some porcelain figurette I was gifted from my friends. You can see a photo in the frame that I drew from Susan Branch’s pin board on pinterest. She is ofcourse one of my favourite artist and author.


And there goes the paper ballerinas that I hanged around the curtains to give my studio a more whimsical lookwatercolor-wash-backgrounds-preview3-o

pmousepad    musepd

Take some peek into my art desk…


some more images…

Hope you liked my studio.

I’ll be sharing my arts and crafts and DIYs on my next blog post.

Thank  You for visiting!!!

with love


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my ART & CRAFT STUDIO

  1. Dawn says:

    What fun to peek into your Art Studio, Ricky! It’s lovely to see your art desk. I am also a huge fan of Susan Branch. Her books have been an inspiration in my life for the past thirty years! I have been blessed to meet Susan on three different occasions. She is truly as sweet and lovely as can be! Wishing you a creative weekend! ♥

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